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Top Questions to Ask When Booking a Disc Jockey

1. Does the DJ Do More Than Play Music?
A wedding reception involves more than playing music. Your DJ should also help the bride and groom plan out the evening. Announcements and music selections are planned in advance and will be handled without stress or worry to the bride and groom. A professional DJ will be happy to discuss your ideas and input.

2. Are All Of the Reception Details Discussed In Advance?
How long is your reception? Will your DJ time fit your schedule? Does the DJ have enough speakers and amps for your size reception? Will the DJ provide a wireless microphone for the blessing and the toast? These are all important details you need to know.

3. What Type Of Experience Does the DJ Have?
Wedding reception entertainment is a specialized form of entertainment. A DJ at your favorite lounge or club does not always have the background to coordinate the special events or play music that appeals to all ages.

4. Does the Entertainer Use a Written Contract?
We cannot begin to stress how important it is to get a confirmation in writing. All terms of the agreement should be in writing to avoid any complication on your wedding day.

5. Does the Entertainer Dress Appropriately for the Event?
Your wedding reception is a special day and it is important that your entertainer looks the part by being properly attired in a tuxedo or at least a suit and tie. You should be able to decide on the attire.

6. Does the Entertainer Use Professional Equipment?
There is a difference between home audio equipment and professional equipment. Professional audio equipment will ensure that the music performance is professional.

7. Does the DJ Have Back Up Plans In Case Of Illness or Equipment Failure?
Even professional equipment can fail on occasion or sickness can occur. Ask the DJ to explain their backup plans.

8. Will the DJ Play Requests?
Many DJs have the attitude that they know what music is best for their audience and will not take requests or suggestions from your guests. A professional DJ will listen to requests and suggestions from your guests and use the music where it is appropriate.

9. Does the DJ Play Music At an Appropriate Volume?
The biggest concern we receive from prospective clients concerns the volume level of music. Remember when guests first arrive, they want to talk to each other and the music is just to fill in the background, nothing more. The music should never be so loud that people can't hear other people speaking at their same table.

10. Is Your DJ Insured?
Make sure your DJ has liability insurance. If they are not professional enough to carry insurance, chances are you might want to stay away from them.